It’s already too late…

Dear reader,

Unfortunately for you, it is already too late to stop reading this message.

Your personal well-being and safety is completely in the hands of something you currently have no control over, or knowledge of.

It doesn’t matter whether you are superstitious, religious, closed-minded, or open-minded. Or whether you’re the kind of person that doesn’t scare easily. The inevitable is still the inevitable.

The following is an explanation of what you have to do to avoid the guaranteed terror you’ll come face to face with at some point in the next 24 hours.

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Bill Clinton Stand-up Comedian


We see a room littered with the memorabilia of comedians from a golden age. Books on these old masters lay across every available floor space. Goodnight Sweetheart is scratchily playing on an old record player.

REG BROWN, FORTY YEARS OLD TODAY enters the room. He’s putting on a shirt, hair still wet from the shower. He approaches the mirror and starts combing his hair and arranging his tie.

We hear the sound of the letterbox slam shut as the postman aggressively shoves through the mail.

(Speaking to his own reflection in the mirror)
Happy birthday Reg Brown.

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